Best Sewing Machine for Free Motion Quilting

best sewing machine for free motion quilting

Sewing machine are of great importance. They are what is use to sew our clothes. They all came in different designs and brands. You are a professional tailor or you are just starting. You will need a sewing machine that will help increase your productivity. Or do you enjoy quilting (making fancy designs) and you need a sewing machine that best suit that kind of work? You are at the right place. Below are some of the best sewing machine for free motion quilting. You will find every one of them useful, so you can choose any according to your desire.

5 Best Sewing Machine for Free Motion Quilting Reviews

1. SINGER | Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Portable Sewing Machine

This is a perfect sewing machine. It is packed with interesting features which makes it versatile and easy to use. If you have been using a sewing machine before but you want an advanced and computerized one. Then this is the perfect choice for you. However, as advanced as it is, it is user friendly. A beginner can easily make use of this sewing machine. And if you are a professional sewist, you will find this machine useful. It is loaded with features that you will need to make your work awesome. It does not required any special skill for you to operate on them. This is because you will easily understand every functions of each features on this sewing machine. And they are automatic, that is self-driven, it will help to make your sewing process so easy. You will efficiently take on difficult sewing task with this machine.

You will love the way this machine is designed, it can be moved around with ease. You can even store it in a place if you don’t plan using it for some time. It is light weight and its price is not too much, you can easily afford it. The strong and durable metallic frame makes this sewing machine to be durable. And it help keep the sewing table stable during stitching. This sewing machine is built with 600 in built stitches from which you can choose from to give special design to your work. This sewing machine is a perfect choice as it is fully loaded with important features. It will make your sewing dream come true.

2. Juki TL-2010Q 1-Needle Portable Sewing Machine

The Juki TL 2010q is fully loaded with sewing utilities that you need in a sewing machine. It is one of the best-selling brand of sewing machine and you would not regret buying one. Do you need a powerful, durable and a portable sewing machine? Don’t go too far, this Juki TL2010q is the right choice for you. This is a sewing machine of high quality, its quilting ability is superb, and its performance is too good. This sewing machine has taken over the sewing industry, with a quilting frame, this sewing machine will work efficiently. This is a lock stitch operating sewing machine, it uses a single needle, which is made from aluminum die casting. All just to give you a quality sewing operation.

The thread trimming ability of this sewing machine is of advanced level. With this you will be able to trim the bobbin thread and the thread at the top with ease. And this can be achieved by using the trimming system, which is controlled by the foot of the sewing machine. With this super thread trimming ability, you don’t have problem trimming your threads. As a tailor you will get a nice and quick trimming of thread with this perfect machine.

Another thing that will be of interest to you in this that this thread trimmer is automatic. Aside that it is advanced and can be controlled by the foot, there is a button you can easily press for thread trimming. And it is automatic.

3. Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine PQ1500SL

The PQ1500SL offers an adjustable pin feed mechanism. It has a 4 feed dog settings for maximum fabric control. And there is a knee lifter and bed extension table for quilting. It also features a full-range foot pressure adjustment and an automatic thread cutter. All these awesome features are there to offer you the best and o bring out the stylist in you as a tailor. They make this sewing machine convenient to use and to save your time. They also offer efficiency in your work for maximum production. In case you have bulky project at hand. It is designed to provide you with powerful performance that will increase your productivity. So, if you need a professional sewing machine for your sewing industry, you should consider this brother PQ1500SL. It perform surprisingly well. This sewing machine would not bore you with too much stitches. You will not be faced with the problem of which to choose out of the many stitches available. However, all the stitches available in this sewing machine can make up to the many stitches in other sewing machine. They make a beautiful, cultured and smooth stitches on your fabrics.

If you need a sewing machine that is efficient, an old mechanized sewing machine. And you don’t like too much of whistles and bells on your sewing machine, Brother PQ1500SL is the right choice. Its engine is powerful enough to work for hours without breaking down. It allows for a big project, you can do all sort of sewing style on this machine. It is sturdy enough and with some of the automatic features, it will make sewing easier.

4. SINGER Quilter 7469Q Computerized Electronic Portable Sewing Machine

The singer confidence quilter is a powerful and a quiet sewing machine. While this sewing machine is running, you can make an easy going conversation. You don’t have to shout talking to the person right next to you. You will not need an earplug while working on this sewing machine. Unlike other noisy sewing machine that can block you hearing when turned on. As quiet as this sewing machine is, you can use it at night without disturbing your roomies or flat mates.

This quilter sewing machine is fully loaded with sewing utilities to give you the best sewing experience ever. If you are a beginner and you desire this awesome sewing machine, have no fear this is because as advanced as it is. Such as the Drop Feed for free motion sewing, Extension Table, the DROP & SEW Bobbin System. It is also loaded with a Programmable Needle Up/down, and Push-Button Stitch Selection. It is user friendly very relaxing to work with and you will enjoy its operation. With the 98 stitch patterns, the 4 quality presser feet. Also, the automatic stitch for width and length, this machine will bring out the stylist in you.

In fact this sewing machine is perfect for sewer at all level, be it a beginner or a professional sewist. Even if you a tailor having apprentices and you want to introduce your students to better quality sewing machine. Don’t go too far, the singer confidence 7469Q is the right choice. This sewing machine is light weight and portable. In addition to this is its sturdiness, its frame which is made from heavy duty metal give it a firm support.

5. Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine DZ3000

The brother DZ3000 sewing and quilting machine is a computerized machine. As a true and real sewer, you will find this sewing very useful. It is fully packaged with unique sewing utilities that will make your design look neat and beautiful. It is designed in a way that it will allow for efficiency, and to help you have an outstanding performance in your designs. If you have this awesome sewing machine as an industrial machine, you will have no match, as it will help you to be more productive. You can take on huge project very fast, and your work will be neat and smooth.

This sewing machine is loaded with great features, like the 240 stitches out of which 110 are alphanumeric. This will allow you to add outstanding creativity to your fabrics. In fact it will help increase your creativity level. You can try out different creative designs to make your work beautiful. With this sewing machine, making circles and appealing finishes. This is due to the circular sewing attachment with which you can use to make your way through circles. You will be able to make any design of your choice easily with this and it will be accurate. There is an excessively large LCD display, a tray slide for your accessories. There is also a large table, wide enough to take on larger works. This sewing machine is equipped with eight types of 1 step button holes. Each of these holes are sized to be compatible with your extensive button holes.

Buyer's Guide

Needle threader

This is one of the important feature you should look out for in a sewing machine when buying one. You should remember that every time you sew, you will have to thread your sewing machine. You will not want this to disappoint you while sewing. You have gotten a sewing machine which you can use easily, and threading is very important. As you need to thread the best sewing machine for free motion quilting as long as you continue to sew. So, it is advisable to get a sewing machine with an advanced or automatic needle threader. In fact it will be better if it is advanced and automatic at the same time. If you get a sewing machine that you cannot easily thread its needle. It will affect your work because it will make it boring. Getting a sewing machine that will make threading of the needle faster is really perfect. Even if your eyesight is ok and your hands are not shaky, it will save your time and stress.

Top loading drop-in bobbin

If the drop in bobbin is not deigned very well, it will cause frustration, and this is not good. If a bobbin is not designed very well, you will be faced with some problems while sewing. You might be sewing and you will realized that there is not thread on your sew. This is one of what you will face if the bobbin is not properly fixed. You will now have to remove what you are sewing, and try resetting the bobbin then start again. Trust me, you will want to avoid this problem in a sewing machine. So, you can select a machine that has a cover plate, so that you can see through the bobbin thread easily.

Capability of the free arm

The free arm will allow you to make narrow and round sew on garments, examples are the pant hems and sleeves. The sewing machine you are buying should be able to convert to free arm with ease, and if not. The implication is that you will find it difficult to make these stitches. If you get a sewing machine that does not have this ability, it will limit your work. If you just started sewing, you will start with small projects. And if the sewing machine you got cannot convert to free arm sewing, it will be limit your work to certain job. But if you get a sewing machine with this ability, it will expand you. And you will be more efficient at what you do.


Price of the sewing machine is very essential, though most of the quality sewing machines might not be cheap. But see that what you pay for is worth the quality of the sewing machine. Also, don’t just get a sewing machine, first check your budget and financial constraints, these are very important. If your budget is tight, don’t buy a big sewing machine that will drain your account. Instead, there are small portable ones that will offer you exceeding performance, even up to the bigger sewing machines. But, if you have the capacity to go for the bigger ones, pay for a sewing machine with the quality material. Those made of plastic goes a long way cheaper, but the cost of maintenance is high. So, after you have checked your budget, go for what you can afford. So, think carefully before you buying any of the sewing machine.

Ease of use

If you are a beginner, even a professional, you should consider the ease of use of the sewing machine. Decide on what you want the sewing machine for, your primary intended use of the sewing machine. It is very essential. Then, you look for a sewing machine that will make your dream come true. To achieve this, the sewing machine should be user friendly. Even if the machine you wish to get is fully loaded with advanced features, make sure they are user friendly. If not, you will find out that you will later abandon the sewing machine because of its complexity. You should avoid this, there are many varieties of advanced sewing machines that are user friendly. So, look out for one of those. The advanced feature will increase your productivity. And the ease of use of the sewing machine will make it easy to use without facing any difficulty while sewing.

Adjusting your stitch length and width is another thing you should consider when buying a sewing machine. You should be able to switch between the straight stitch and zigzag stitch when sewing. And be able to make changes to the width and length of these stitches. to be able to do this is of a greater value.

Purpose of the sewing machine

When buying a sewing machine, you have to plan what kind of work you want this sewing machine for. Also, make sure you put into consideration, the type of the sewing machine that will best fit you. Pick a sewing machine that has the features you want, and the kind that match the kind of work you want.

If you want to go into heavy duty sewing, buy sewing machines that are strong and sturdy. In any case, on the off chance that you need the sewing machine for light works at home or as a substitute at your work environment, a lightweight and versatile one is the correct decision to go for. If you just want to do simple repair and adjustment of garments, you don’t need an industrial sewing machine for this. You can get a simple machine with full features of what you want.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is my sewing machine making excessive noise while sewing?

If your sewing machine is making noise, there is a high probability that you have to clean your machine and to some maintenance. If after doing this it still makes noise, you can change the needle. You check under the bobbin area and the needle plate and use a lint brush remove the lint that has built up there. This is also another cause of the noise.

Another thing is if the thread is wound round the shuttle, it can cause noise.

My sewing machine is running slowly, why?

If your sewing machine is running slowly, it might be that there is lint or dusts under the plate of your needle. Another cause is if the thread is wound round the bobbin plate. If you check all these and they check out, check the speed control of the sewing machine.

What can I do if the sewing machine will not form stitches?

Your sewing machine will not form stitches if you did not thread it correctly, then the thread will get removed from the needle. So, when you are threading the sewing machine make sure that you release the tension by keeping the presser foot up.

Another cause is if you did not insert the needle very well. So, if your sewing machine does not form stitches after that you have checked the threading. And you realized it is the cause of the needle. Reinsert the needle and make sure it is in the right direction.

What can I do if my sewing machine suddenly stopped while working?

If you have been sewing continuously for a long time at a slow speed, to avoid overheating, the sewing machine will shut down itself. Most sewing machines are programed that way. So, if this happens don’t panic, what you just have to do is to let the sewing machine cool off. You switch it off and let it rest for at least 30 minutes.  

What can I do if the light is not working?

Check the power cord of the sewing machine and see if it is well plugged. Ensure that you check the power strip and it is on. If all these checks out, take a look at either the fuse or the outlet wiring.

What happened if the motor light is working but the machine not sewing? How can I rectify it?

If the motor of your sewing machine is on but it is not sewing it might be that the machine is in bobbin winding mode.

Another possible cause is if the foot control is not well plugged in to the socket. So, chck the foot control and plug it in very well, and ensure that you can depress the foot control. Also, make sure that the foot control is free to move without disturbance.

What cause the needle to break or gets bent or blunt?

If you have been using the needle for a long period of time, it might get broken. Another instance I if you run the needle over something that is hard or a pin when you are sewing.

Also, if you suddenly pull the fabric you are working on, this will cause your needle to bend, and it can even get broken. You don’t have to drag the fabric while sewing, let the machine work at its pace, and you just follow through.

Another possible cause is if your needle is too loose. If you notice that it is loose, remove and reinsert it very well into the needle bar.

What is making the stitch to form loops in between?

The major cause of this is when the bobbin is not well wounded. This will not allow the presser to press firmly and the fabric will not tighten when you sew.

The top thread breaks frequently, why?

This is majorly as a result of the thread not well threaded.

Final Thoughts

Sewing machines are very important equipment of a professional sewer. Even as a beginner, the sewing machine is very crucial to them. What you need is just to get the right sewing machine for whatever you might need it for. So, this review has helped you pin point some of the best sewing machine for free motion quilting to pick from. You should not be confused again on what kind of sewing machine you need that will suit your desire. The sewing machines her will make you comfortable using them. They are fully packed with awesome sewing utilities that will make your work easier and to increase your productivity.

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