Best Sewing Machine for Cosplay

best sewing machine for cosplay

Sewing is an hobby to some and a profession to others. Either ways, users can only wish for the best machine which gives the best sewing experience. There are some features you should watch out in a machine depending on what you plan using it for.  Some are designed for heavy duty which most professional go for while others are not. Brands like singers and brothers are trusted name in the sewing machine industry being consistent with their product design.

In this review, you will be exposed to four amazing machine designs. They are not only efficient but are also easy to use cosplay room for the non-professional user. These products will give you a good value for your money. There is always a product for you serving your need no matter the size of your pocket. Do follow through.

5 Best Sewing Machine for Cosplay Reviews


 The singer quantum stylist 9985 is another great feature from the ever consistent company. It is a computerized machine with features that are easy to use. The machine has 960 different stitches which is more than you might need, giving you variety of designs. It contains 919 decorative stitches, 21 stretch stitches that move along with the fabric and 10 essential stitches for construction and mending. The machine has a 6 style alphabetical font you can choose from, five of which are standard and the other Cyrillic. This feature makes it easy for you to add a name or phrase to your fabric. The computerize feature comes with a memory feature that can remember the last alphabet choice you made.

The singer quantum stylist 9985 cool feature has made cosplay buttonholes easy. cosplay buttonholes for form scratch is no fun at all. But with this machine, it is easier to make one automatically in a one step.

Another cool feature in this machine is the full control LED display. This makes it easy in selecting the option available and accessing the features easily.

One of the greatest challenges especially to beginner is setting up. This is no problem with the singer quantum stylist 9985 which has an audio and video assistant to help you with setting up. Threading is super easy and the instructions to threading are printed on the machine. It should not take you more than 10 seconds to thread the machine.


Singer is synonymous to quality. The confidence quilter 7469Q is a great product with an advance feature. It has a programmable up and down needle which is perfect for quilter when piecing together patchwork. It has a computerize system and the popular stitches are usually a click away. It heavy duty frame work makes it rugged and gives it a firm support giving you a skip free sewing. It contains a built in 98 decorative and quilting stiches which makes variability in design possible. It comes with four bonus quilting feet to expand you sewing and quilting creativity option. It large surface and adjustable table allow for the easy management of large quilts and makes sewing easier.

The machine electronic twin needle control and adjustable width and length allows for greater variability in design. It is a very affordable product incase you are hoping not to spend much. It 110 volts design is adapted for use in the United States and in Canada.

This machine have made winding the bobbin simple with it easy to follow threading guide. It easy to use option makes it easy to use and is suitable for new and skilled users. It automated features eliminates guess work giving your design that professional touch you’ve always desired.

This product falls under singer’s 25 years warranty which is a sign of confidence the manufacturer has place on their product. Singer has been a respected name in the sewing machine industry with decades of consistency.

3. Brother ST371HD Strong and Tough Sewing Machine

Brother ST37LHD is a sewing machine brands from Brothers Company. The ST in it name stands for “strong and tough” and was designed for heavy duty. It is the first product by Brothers in the strong and tough mechanical sewing machine category. It is designed for users who regularly sew thick and tough material like denim.

About the feature, it has 37 built in stitches which give users variety of stitch option to choose from. It has an automated one step buttonhole which help eliminate the stress of starting from the scratch. The machine displays on a small counter and is not an LCD display. Not having a LCD display which most users are used to is one of disadvantage of using this machine.

The machine stitch can be adjusted by the help of the dial on top. You can vary the length and the width of the stitch. The machine is very portable weighing about 14.3 lbs. it has a handle which makes it easy to carry about.

It is very easy to use by professional and beginners and quite easy to thread. You should thread under 6 seconds, it’s that fast! Winding the bobbin is very simple and makes switching between different thread easy .The plastic parts of this machine make it a lesser heavy duty machine as compared to the ones in the 1990s.

This product comes with a 25 years warranty which is a voucher of the confidence the manufacturer has place on it.

4. Brother Quilting Machine, RSQ9185 (Refurbished) 185 Built-in Stitches

The brothers RSQ9185 refurbished sewing machine is an awesome sewing piece. It has a whole lot of amazing feature and is quite inexpensive. This product comes with 130 different built in stitches including decorative, heirloom and quilting stitches. It has eight styled one step automatic buttonhole design which make buttonhole easier eliminating the need of starting from scratch. It has 55 alphanumeric stitches for basic monogramming. It can be used by beginners and professional alike. The Brothers RSQ9185 can accommodate both simple and complex design. It large table and surface area are designed to accommodate large fabrics while giving the machine the needed stability.

The reverse stitch function allows you to reinforce stitch with additional ones. The fasten width and length can likewise be balanced. The maximum length is 5mm while the maximum width is 7mm.

The free arm design allows for the possibility of sewing cuffs and sleeve. The automatic threader makes threading easy. The LCD display allows for easy viewing and selection of the stitch type even in low light. It instructional DVD provides assistance for setting up and further instruction needed in operating the machine. The bright LED helps illuminate the working are while working in a dark area. The sewing speed is easy to control and can be adjusted to the satisfaction of the user.

This product falls under singer’s 25 years warranty which is a sign of confidence the manufacturer has place on their product. Singer has been a respected name in the sewing machine industry with decades of consistency.

5. Brothers xr3774 full feature quilting machine with 37 stitches

If you intend to get a good sewing machine with great feature without having to break the bank. The brothers XR3774 is the right product for you. This wonderful sewing machine has 37 stiches which you can choose from. This sewing machine increase creativity with the array of stitch users can choose from. It has a one-step auto size buttonhole which eliminates the stress of starting from the scratch. The stitch width and length can be adjusted in the stitch setting. The maximum stitch width is 5mm while the maximum length is 4mm

It is the one of the cheapest brother product in market and it gives a better value for your money. It is very easy to use and threading is way easier with this machine. It has a built in quilting stitches and a large quilting presser foot. The stitching speed is 800 stitches per minute which is slower than most machines which run 850 stiches per minutes.

It has large working area which can accommodate larger fabrics. The LED bulb present makes it easier to see at low light as it illuminates the workspace. It is a great tool to being sewing and quilting. The machine stitch can be adjusted by the help of the dial on top. You can vary the length and the width of the stitch. The machine is portable weighing about 14.3 lbs. it has a handle which makes it easy to carry about.

Buyer's Guide

All sewing enthusiast and professional want the best machine available which is both efficient and affordable. The right product will depend on the size of your budget and your skill. Most professional machines are more expensive than the nonprofessional ones.

Below are list of factors you might want to consider while shopping for the best sewing machine. This information is meant to make selecting the best machine easier for you.

1. The sewing machine weight

This is an important factor to consider especially if you don’t have a permanent place for the machine. It is advisable you go for a light weight machine if you intend to move it regularly. Carrying a heavy machine regularly can increase it risk of damage and can even injure you. If there is a permanent work area for your machine, a lightweight machine is not necessary as movement is minimal. Heavy weight is not equal to durability; some machine can be very heavy but not durable. So, you should consider this too.

2. Machine brand

Of a truth, the brand of a machine matters. Different companies use different technology into production. Some companies are more advance technology wise than others and this can affect the price and efficiency of the machine. Brands like Singer, Brothers, Jukki, Janome and Janome have gained popularity over time. This is due to their consistency in product design and ability to satisfy customer. You can see most of this brand in an independent shop or the specific one at specialized retail center.

It is better you go for the known brands than the unknown ones. The popular brands have been tested and trusted by consumers. You do not want to risk purchasing a product you would not use or regret buying.

3. Cost

The price of a product is a major factor you may want to consider. Generally brands product vary in durability and efficiency. Some brands are actually better than others. Most quality machine is usually more expensive than the lesser quality ones. This is due to the amount of resource used in producing the quality ones. Competition among company can also affect price. Some company seller at a lesser price to gain more sales. The professional machines are more expensive than the normal ones due to the added features it contains. The mechanical sewing machine is less expensive than the electronic sewing machine as the later container a whole lot of features.

Location of the company can affect price too. Imported machines are generally more expensive than the locally made ones. The imported ones take into consideration the shipping fee among others which invariably increase the machine price. Some brands do discount usually on Christmas and mother’s day and the machines are cheaper then. You might want to watch out for this.

4. Machine warranty

Information about the warranty should be sought for before buying. Ask about what the warranty covers and what it does not. Most products come with a 25 year warranty especially products from top brands like singer and brother. Also, it is advisable to take a piece of clothing you intend to use with it and test before buying. Information about the warranty status can be gotten on the brand’s website or simply ask the retailer.

5. Check the repair policies

Most warranty status become void when a technician who is not factory authorize try fixing it. Most retail shops offer an in house repair service where you can take your machine to for repair. Depending on the complication, they might send you directly to the manufacturer. Always keep your machine’s box and packaging should in case you need to ship your product for repairs.

6. Sewing machine type

There are basically two types of sewing machine available. We have the mechanical sewing machine and the electronic sewing machine.

The mechanical sewing machine is less expensive than the electronic require a manual manipulation to control most of the features. It is fine if the work is not tedious and is perfect for beginners.

The electronic sewing machine is quite expensive due to it electrical features. They give a good value for your money. It is perfect if you are working on a tedious and large works. It has hundreds of stitches, LED light which illuminates the work space and a touchpad control. In contrast to the manual control in the mechanical sewing machine, the automated features make work easier and more accurate here. It has an automated one step buttonhole as compared to the tedious and manual method in the mechanical sewing machine. But it is always good to have a mechanical sewing machine as back up should in case power fails or something.

7. Portability

This is a factor to consider especially if you intend carrying your machine for one location to another. There are several compact sized machines that have great feature as the standard sized ones. If you do not intend moving it about. Portability should not be a thing of concern if you are a professional as most professional have a work space.

8. Noise level

Most heavy duty machine are quite noisy producing sounds more than 70dB. If you are looking for a machine that produces less noise go for one with 65dB or less.

9. Machine speed

The machine speed is very important especially if you are working on a large fabric. Machine with slow speed can slow than your work rate. If you are a professional with a tedious work load, it is advisable you go for a high speed machine.

10. Needle threader

Most sewing machines come with an automatic needle threader. This is particularly useful for users with poor eyesight. This feature help put the thread In the needle with little effort form you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a lock stitch sewing machine?

The most common type available is the lock stitch sewing machine. The lock stitch sewing machine creates a stitch pattern that locks the cloth between the thread. The lock stitch is the most used stitch pattern use.

What stitch length is the best for me?

The stitch length you should use is dependent on the design you want to make and what you seek to achieve. The medium length stitch is the recommended length; the long stitches are weak while the short are strong. The short stitches are quite difficult to straighten.

What is the blanket stitch?

The blanket stitch is a handmade stitch used to decorate or firm up the clothe edges. The stitch pattern basically runs across the edge and equally space round stitches over it all across the fabric edges.

What is a Juki sewing machine?

Juki sewing machines are one of the best types available and are very powerful and durable. They have some of the best features one can ever find in a sewing machine. Juki sewing machines is produced in Japan by Juki Company and are internationally recognized.

Can you use a serger for regular sewing?

A serger is an essential and the most used sewing machine for women fabric. It cannot be used for a regular sewing work. However it is impossible to finish a design with the serger machine alone as you might still require the work of a regular sewing machine.

Can a serger replace a sewing machine?

The serger sewing machine is perfect for woven fabric which they are designed for. Even with that, you will still need to finish up with the regular sewing machine. The serger sewing machine add some professional touch to your work but it use is restricted. You will still need a regular sewing machine for the buttonhole, facings and zippers.

What is a serger cover stitch?

The cover Stitch is important for chain stitching and for sewing knit hem. Cover Stitch machine gives your hem a professional touch and should be used by all professionals. They can use a number of threads at a go; they are like a bladeless serger machine.

What is a singer serger used for?

Singer is a brand of sewing machine and a singer serger is a serger made by the company. It has the normal features of a serger and is one of the most effective brands available. They are used for sewing knit hem and chain stitching.

What amount would a vocalist sewing machine be worth?

The singer sewing machine company has a lot of products available in today’s market. They vary in design and use and consequently the price. The prices of singer sewing machines range from $100 to $2000. Singer is one of the top sewing machine brands and is renounced for cosplay top quality machine.

What are the top sewing machine brands?

The sewing machine industry is a very competitive one with different brands. Most of which have been producing quality machine for years now. They have all invested in research which has helped improve their product quality. The top brands are in no particular order singer, brothers and Juki.

What are the types of sewing machine?

There are myriads of types of sewing machine available in today’s market. They are all designed differently and for different propose. Your choice will depend on what you want to work on and the design you want to create.

Why does the upper thread break?

The needle might be embedded mistakenly or the eye may have sharp edges, the machine isn’t appropriately strung or the upper string pressure is excessively tight.

Why does the bobbin thread break?

The bobbin might be twisted unevenly, the bobbin case could be strung inaccurately or the bobbin string pressure is excessively tight.

How come my sewing machine skips stitches?

You may have a twisted or gruff needle, the needle is embedded mistakenly or the weight on the foot is deficient.


You are pretty much informed now about the sewing machine that is best for you and why. Some machines are best for beginner, some others are best for professional.  For beginner it is better you go for a mechanical sewing machine as it is less complicated. Also it is advisable you buy product locally manufactured and develop a relationship with your local dealer.

The big boys in the sewing machine industry makes better machine than the less popular ones. A good sewing machine should be very efficient and cost effective. The computerized sewing machines are automatic in function with it easy to use features.

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