Best Embroidery Machine for Custom Designs

best embroidery machine for custom designs

Are you trying to find the best embroidery machine for custom designs in year 2020? Are you wondering which embroidery machines are rated best or what are the factor to consider when choosing such machine? Here, you have landed to a solution.

Trying to find the best embroidery machine can be extremely difficult. You must visit several pieces before actually you land on the right item. This can be a waste of energy and time. All in all, worry nor more because we are here to help and we have prepared this review and its guide for you. Just read to end.

Top 3 Best Embroidery Machine for Custom Designs Comparison

  • Item Weight: 13.74 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 21.75 x 19.02 x 19.09 inches
  • Item model number: PE800
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  • Item Weight: 22 pounds
  • Product Dimensions : 23.19 x 13.43 x 11.54 inches
  • Item model number: SE1900
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  • Item Weight: 14.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 15.5 x 6.25 x 12 inches
  • Item model number: 4411
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7 Best Embroidery Machine for Custom Designs Reviews

1. Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine

If you’re looking for an embroidery machine that lets you create stunning embroidery designs, Brother offers an excellent alternative. The Brother PE800 is a simple-to-use embroidery machine that highlights a 5 “x 7” embroidery field for larger embroidery projects. With this embroidery machine, you can choose from built-in embroidery designs or import your own from good sources.

Moreover, the Brother PE800 top embroidery machine has been equipped with additional plan processing highlights. Importantly, this allows you to rotate, resize, zoom in and out on your designs identically, and see how your changed designs appear directly on the LCD display before you put them together.

More so, the PE800 is anything but difficult to use and thread: essentially follow the numbered threading contours printed on the machine. Notably, an automatic needle threader saves time and eases everything by pushing the line directly through the opening of the needle.

Also, this embroidery machine contains step-by-step instructions that are displayed directly on the LCD touchscreen. Some of the topics include connecting the machine, connecting the embroidery arm and is just the beginning.

For sure, the Brother PE800 top embroidery machine is ideal for those who are looking for a fast, adaptable and out-and-out embroidery machine that they can develop with them after some time just at home.



2. Brother SE1900 embroidery machine

Next up in our overview of the best embroidery machines for custom designs is the Brother SE1900 embroidery machine. This simple-to-use and skillfully designed machine enable you to work on your projects with easy.

Importantly, with 240 built-in sewing stitches and 138 built-in embroidery patterns, you have everything that you need. Moreover, a huge touchscreen shows with LCD allows users to see their designs and machining alternatives in full shade before they start sewing.

Also, the Brother SE1900   includes My Custom Stitch, which you can use to structure your sewing processes and keep them on your machine for a while.

With the adaptability of combining designs, changing color tones and transferring numerous pre-structured patterns, the SE1900 combined sewing and embroidery machine has unlimited application possibilities. You can use the integrated shading palette to effectively change individual embroidery row colors with the checkbox for plan editing and check them on the 3.2-inch “Sew Smart” touchscreen.

Besides, the 5-inch embroidery field offers enough space for larger designs and lettering, as well as for combining designs with less strapping. The total of 240 built-in closures contain a great exhibit of beautiful lines.

With the Brother SE1900 sewing and embroidery machine, you can import your embroidery configuration documents via the integrated USB connection.

Furthermore, the automatic needle threader does the needle threading for you with just the push of a button.

For sure, if you are looking for an easy-to-use and different combined embroidery and sewing machine for custom designs, the Brother SE1900 is an excellent choice.



3. Brother LB5000S embroidery machine

The LB5000S is an embroidery machine and sewing included in the scope of delivery. With this in mind, prepare for a crazy sewing and embroidery machine!

The machine itself can be used as an embroidery machine, but can also replace your standard sewing machine for each of your projects. If you are stressed out about space, this person draws two commitments and has a larger number of rows than my base model.

Exceptionally, we should start with the striking reality that there are Star Wars records. These plates are removable glue and can be replaced as long as the cement remains large.

Besides, you do NOT have to put plates on if you prefer not to. So if you look at this machine and are similar to the question: “Imagine a scenario in which these plates are tasteless in my opinion?” Don’t worry, it’s the same machine as the standard model if you don’t put the plates on.

Moreover, the LB5000S is supplied with an integrated USB connection. This way you can insert your embroidery designs and attach them to the machine.

And with the automatic needle threader, you can thread your needle by pressing a switch.



4. Brother PE550D embroidery machine

The Brother PE550D machine passes the mystic of Disney into your embroidery projects. This simple-to-understand as well as inexpensive embroidery machine for custom designs encompass a supplied grid sheet and built-in arrangement instruments as well as a 4 ” by 4″ embroidery working area, which helps you to align your plan and the needle position for an exact situation on your texture. The Brother embroidery machine PE550D is printed with 125 integrated enrichment patterns.

Moreover, the PE550D embroidery machine has a 3.2-inch touchscreen with easy to view LCD shading function, on which you can check designs before embroidery and display them in reversed colors.

More so, the PE550D is an adaptable embroidery machine design by aligning content at a point or in curves, placing content on different lines, increasing and decreasing the distance between letters and the sky are the limit.

Importantly, this Brother embroidery machine has built-in memory and a USB port for uploading your designs.

The loading of the thread is simplified by a built-in automatic needle threader. This framework handles threading the needle for you with just one switch stroke. An additional highlight for editing embroidery allows you to move, resize, display and rotate before you start embroidering.

In addition, the automatic needle threader does the needle threading for you with just the push of a button. A real eye-catcher and especially helpful when embroidering motifs that require different line changes.



5. Brother Machine, PE535, 80 Built Designs 9 Font Styles

With the Brother PE535 two-in-one embroidery and sewing machines, you can effortlessly bring innovations to life. This 4 “x 4” embroidery machine is full of improved innovations and various customizable highlights that optimize your sewing and embroidery.

Importantly, with this modernized embroidery and sewing machine, you can view embroidery designs in full shade on the giant 3.2”-inch LCD touchscreen and see how your plan changes on the screen before embroidering.

Also, this machine accompanies advanced editing highlights for the embroidery plan, including the ability to change individual string tones, place letters in a curve, move designs on the touchscreen with a swipe of the finger, and more.

Moreover, the PE535 has additional integrated highlights to simplify the structuring. You can view over 80 new and inspirational embroidery patterns or import your patterns via the USB connection. The sewing highlights include 103 adaptable, integrated sewing connections, controls for needle up / down and variable speed as well as a droplet feed for imaginative, freely moving sewing.

More so, the expanded 6.4 x 4.1 needle-arm workspace provides more space for folding blankets and bulky projects on one side of the needle to make sewing easier.

There is no doubt that the Brother PE535 machine will offer everything you need for professional-looking projects.



Things to consider when choosing embroidery machines for custom designs

Choosing an embroidery sewing machine for custom designs have some advantages. This gives you a wider choice of decisions, designs, and greater adaptability in creating and exploring the conceivable design results.

In any case, you can fully concentrate on the embroidery for custom designs. Though, landing on the right product is still a mystery even after giving the above top five products. However, below is an additional guide of the things that you need to consider when making your informed decision of buying your dream machine.

Ok, let us see some of this things.


It is important to determine the totality of the different types of embroidery machines to choose the right embroidery machine for you. There are sewing and embroidery machines or pure embroidery machines.

There are many types of machine embroidery, types of embroidery thread patterns, and numerous different components that need to be considered.

There are completely computer-controlled embroidery machines to choose from, which can make your job much more exciting and give you additional imaginative ideas.


Overall, we are aware that the choice of a machine with the correct embroidery circle sizes and an enormous embroidery area is extremely important. What’s more, yes! Here the size makes a difference!

It is important to choose a machine with a large embroidery hoop and not the small embroidery loop. Why? Because the size of the embroidery loop determines the size of your embroidery area.

Additional Accessories

At the time you buy your new embroidery machine, it is imperative to inspect all of the embroidery machine parts and determine which embroidery machine accessories are also available.

Some of the highlights could be: automatic needle threader, wi-fi connection so you can download additional designs, string shaper with push-button, automatic locking connection, programmable needles and much more.

It’s about accessories. There are various embroidery accessories that you can buy as soon as you have the machine.

Built-in embroidery designs

Another key point to consider when buying an embroidery machine is the number of embroidery designs installed.

The more built-in embroidery designs are available, the more you decide to enrich your embroidery project.

Although you can get an embroidery design with USB support, you can download as many embroidery designs as possible from the Internet. You can start with the built-in designs when you take the machine home.

Autopilot functions

When choosing an embroidery machine, you should look for highlights such as automatic string printing and other autopilot functions that make using the embroidery machine easier.

Now and then it turns out that it is very difficult to physically embroider. Manual embroidery can take a long time, and you can only do it if you have certain embroidery skills.

In this way, you should consider whether your embroidery machine has autopilot functions so that you can carry out your embroidery work faster and more precisely. You may have to pay a little more, but that will justify the highlights you get.

Working area

This is one of the most important components that you need to carefully consider when buying an embroidery machine. The embroidery area is larger, the better you have the opportunity to finish your thing.

Many beginners who have no experience with embroidery do not focus on it and only buy an embroidery machine with a small embroidery area and later complain about their choice.

The embroidery area is larger, as well as great designs that you can create with the embroidery machine.


Check out the fonts you get with the built-in embroidery designs. The fonts are useful for decorating the scarf, top, and small projects with initials and numbers.

Computer connectivity

I would advise working with an embroidery machine that has a computer connection facility. These types of sewing machines come with a USB port that allows you to connect the machine to your computer using a USB connection and import all designs of your computer.

You can download designs from the Internet and save them on your computer. Later, move them to the embroidery machine with a memory stick.

LCD touch screen

The LCD touchscreen is extremely useful because it shows the designs you will be participating in. Some computer-controlled Brother embroidery machines are equipped with a color LCD touchscreen that allows you to select the embroidery pattern, change it if necessary and check it before embroidering.

While some embroidery machines are equipped with a typical LCD touchscreen, others are equipped with a colored LCD touchscreen.

I generally tend to use a shaded and larger LCD touchscreen to make everything comfortable to hand.

lighting system

Embroidery is about accuracy and precision. You have to work continuously in a small area of ​​the company with incredible fixation.

It requires incredible visual perception and excellent lighting conditions. Otherwise, it can ruin your business or the terrible lighting conditions can also cause a real mishap.

From now on, it is advisable to buy an embroidery machine with a suitable lighting system. The embroidery machines with 4 to 6 LED lights next to the room light let the work area shine brilliantly and effectively.

The costs

The cost of an embroidery machine depends on the highlights, the capacity, and the specifications. There are embroidery machines that are available for a cheap spending schedule, as well as for people who have a solid spending schedule.

The embroidery machines issued are indispensable and would not have many highlights anyway. The powered embroidery machines will have all the important highlights as a computer connection.

Your skill

If you are now able to sew with a machine, you can find counting lines in your head, thread the needle and wind the bobbin in a breeze. You may even think that doing these tasks yourself is better for you because you like things that are done in your way. However, if you are an absolute beginner, it is advisable to choose a machine that will make your life easier and allow you to focus on the fun part of the embroidery.

If you are a beginner, you may need to invest in an embroidery machine that is anything but difficult to set up and has countless automatic features. Also, try to choose an embroidery machine that is very easy to understand and intuitive to use.

These simply have a few simple buttons that you must press before you can start embroidering. You will never know that your beginner’s embroidery machine will be your ally forever. However, if necessary, you can later replace the model with a more complex model.


This does not seem to be an essential aspect when choosing an embroidery machine. However, if you are investing heavily in your machine, it is a wise thought to ensure that the machine is comfortable to use. You must get a machine that works admirably with your hands and posture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why is it a good idea for me to buy embroidery machine for custom designs?

Actually, there are many reasons. With the embroidery machine, you can create remarkable images and patterns on a variety of materials such as, quilts, towels, napkins, pillowcases and much more.

This is a machine that can quickly turn your interest in hand-stitching into a wonderland of manifestations.

2. What is free motion embroidery?

It is a technique. This strategy requires that the customer draw the design by hand on the material and follow the developments of the machine with a relentless hand movement to create an embroidery design in any case.

Some sewing machines come with a built-in stitch regulator, which makes work more productive and easier.

3. How much does an embroidery machine for custom design cost?

Embroidery machines are associated with different costs depending on whether the machine is designed for beginners, customers with drive or for business use.

The cost of embroidery machines can range from hundreds of dollars to well over a thousand is upon your preference on what machine that you need.

4. What is the best brand for embroidery machines for custom design that I should buy?

There are many brands, talk of singer, brother and so forth. However, when largest brands available in embroidery machines today are Brother Embroidery Machines and Singer Embroidery Machines.

Various smaller organizations produce great machines, for example Bernina, which cannot be compared in terms of quality anyway.

5. What can I do with my embroidery machine?

There are a variety of uses for embroidery. While you can weave any texture and function, most people use it for one main reason: monogramming garments.

6. where can I get the best unit for my custom undertaking?

Actually, there are two places where you can land your dream unit for custom designs projects. The first is from your nearest machine dealer and second is through online.

While this two places have their own pros and cons, we prefer doing it over online because you will have the right platform to search new models, read reviews and see some recommendations.


If you need the best embroidery machine for custom designs, it is important to do extensive research on long-distance investments. Embroidery machines are generally not humble, so you need to buy humble and best machines.

Our overview of the best embroidery machines for custom designs contains some great machines that you can buy and brighten up your clothes beautifully. Though, we have majored deeper in brother as a company.

There is no doubt that Whether you are looking for the best machine for pure embroidery, embroidery machines for beginners or custom embroidery machine designs, Brother is the right organization for you.  

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