Best Computerized Sewing Machines

best computerized sewing machines

Sewing can be considered a skilled job. So with a suitable sewing machine the sewing and stitching processes will be made easy and comfortable. Sewing machine are of great importance, they are the main equipment that is used to sew our clothes. 

If you are a professional sewist, or you are just starting to sewing and you want to try out an advanced,  Computerized sewing machine. You should not worry, this review has listed some of the best Computerized sewing machines for you. These sewing machine are very easy to use, even a beginner will find it interesting to use.

1. Brother CS7000i Computerized Sewing Machine

The brother CS7000i is a computerized and a budget friendly sewing machine. It is an advanced sewing machine for both professional and a novice or beginner sewist. This sewing machine is fully loaded with sewing features that will help you develop your sewing experience. It comes with interesting features such as the easy threading system, Free Arm, automatic needle threader, and the speed controller. All the stitches are in built and are seventy in total. And for ease of use, all these stitches are displayed on the front panel of the sewing machine. There you can choose the stitch you want and they are shown having a specific number assigned to them.

This sewing machine is rich in feature, it is designed to take on sewing and quilting project with convenience. The 70 stitches which are in built are there to give you options from which you can choose from. They offer you with various styles with which you can use to decorate your work. Another thing is that of it’s button holes. It is made of seven styles, it is one-step and automatic.

With this sewing machine, you don’t have to worry about needle threading. This is because it is automatic, it will help you put the thread right through the eye of the needle. Saving you the stress of manually threading the needle.

Though, as advanced and computerized as this sewing machine is, it is very easy to use and set up. There are thread guides, and how to set up the bobbin quickly for the sewist.

2. SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist Computerized Portable Sewing Machine.

The singer Quantum stylist 9960 is a computerized, versatile, and a best selling sewing machine. It is designed and built with awesome features. This is an advanced sewing machine, and it does not cost so much. This sewing machine is embraced by professional sewist and as well beginners. This is because as advanced as it is, it is user friendly. A beginner can easily operate it, even a professional sewist will find it interesting to use. With all it’s sewing components, you don’t have to be specially skilled for you to operate them. You can easily understand every of it’s components and the use of each of them. It’s automatic features are so great. You will not find it difficult performing different styles of stitches on your fabric. This is because these features makes the task so easy. And you can start any project you have with this sewing machine immediately you got it.

This sewing machine offers you more than other sewing machine of it’s price range. It is designed with 600 stitches that are in built. This gives you additional and advanced stitching option to design on your sewing project. There are various stitching pattern for your quilting, home décor and fashion sewing. For you to easily select the stitching option you want, the stitches are being numbered. And with just a single press, there are different small buttons you can use to choose the stitch you want.

You can easily move this sewing machine about as it is portable. And with ease it can be kept is a small place, and it is light weight.

3. Brother XR9550PRW Computerized Sewing Machine.

This is unique computerized sewing machine. It is an advanced version and a limited edition sewing machine. The XR9550PRW is the improved version of the XR9500PRW sewing machine. It is designed and fully loaded with interesting 110 built in features such as the heirloom and the decorative stitches. These are special sewing utilities, another one is the 1 step button hole which is fully automatic. All these make this sewing machine the best for quilting or fashion sewing.

The brother XR9550PRW has eight presser foot changer, quilting feet, monogramming, blind stitch, and other interesting features. There is also a hard case for protection. And the table is wide enough to take on large sewing projects.  

With this sewing machine you can perform character stitching on your fabric. It will surely bring out the creativity in you. The needle threader of this sewing machine is automatic. So you don’t have to stress yourself, because you will not have problem threading the needle

You will not find it difficult selecting any stitch you want. This is because you can easily pick the stitch by just a push on the buttons below the screen. There is also a push button placed beside the screen. This button let you adjust the width and length of the stitch. And the maximum length for the stitch is 5mm, while that of the width is 7mm.

This XR9550PRW sewing machine is designed to fit the best use of anyone who wish to sew. Be it a professional or a novice, you can easily make use of this sewing machine. This is because it is loaded with user friendly features that makes it easier to use.

4. Brother ST150HDH Strong and Tough Computerized Sewing Machine.

The brother ST150HDH is a computerized sewing machine. It is very strong and sturdy. With this sewing machine, you can sew any kind of fabric material. Be it heavy weight fabrics which have multiple layers or light weight silks, even denim, this machine is capable. It is strong enough to take on them. Its interior frame which is made of heavy duty metal gives it stability and makes it durable. This sewing machine has five different styles of 1 step button hole which are fully automatic. Its in built sewing stitches are 50 in number. And you can easily select the one you want as it is shown on the LCD display screen. The Stitch numbers are clearly shown on the screen. And the pattern selection dial is used for the selection of the stitches.

With a push button placed beside the screen, you can easily adjust the width and length of the stitch. There is an interesting thing about this sewing machine. It is that once you choose a stich you want, the correct presser foot for that stitch will be displayed. There will be a letter that apply to the right presser foot. This makes it very easy and convenient for beginners to use, and for a professional as well.

The motor of this sewing machine is strong and can sew up to 6 layers of denim. So, you can easily hem your jean and other tubular items. There is a LED light which will help you brighten your work, and give you comfort eyes while working.

5. Brother RSQ9185 Refurbished computerized sewing and quilting.

The Brother RSQ9185 is a computerized sewing machine designed for both sewing and quilting. It is one of the best product of the brother family and it is affordable. This sewing machine is flexible, and can perform various functions. It is the best choice for fashion sewing and as well quilting on fabrics. With its 130 different in built stitches, can be used for utility stitching, decorative stitching and heirloom stitching. It has large working area that can accommodate larger fabrics, and it is versatile. This sewing machine is fully loaded with features that makes sewing very interesting and it is less expensive. Some of its features are the 55 alphanumeric stitches for basic monogramming, and the eight different styles of 1 step automatic size buttonholes. To be able to control the speed of your sewing machine is very important for you to have a good result. The speed of this sewing machine can be controlled using the foot pedal. You can also make use of the start and stop button, and the speed control slider. At maximum speed of 850 SPM (Stitches per minute), you can switch the speed control to 3 different positions. With the needle potion button, you will easily choose the position of your needle, this is helpful when you want to remove the fabric. For smooth feeding of your fabric, this sewing machine has 7 point feed digs. And the threading system is fully automatic which aids its ease of use.

6. Brother CS6000i Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine, 60 Built-In Stitches.

The Brother CS6000i is a multi-purpose computerized sewing machine. It is user friendly, portable and affordable. This sewing machine is loaded with various features for quilting and fashion sewing, and it does not cost much. With all its advanced features, it is user friendly and portable, it can be easily moved around. A beginner can make use of it and not facing any difficulty. It has 60 different in built stitches form which you can choose to beautify your fabrics. This sewing machine has seven style 1 step button hole which are fully automatic. There are decorative stitches with which you can use to make wall decors and other decorations on your fabrics.

This sewing machine can be used for fashion sewing or quilting. It is a complete sewing machine with sewing and quilting features that will offer you convenient sewing of your project. And it can sew on any kind of project you have with easy and it will also increase your productivity. This is one of the fastest sewing machine, it runs up to 850 stitches per minutes, and it can go through anything. This does not mean that at this speed it will make a hell of noise, no. It does not make noise at all, it is said to run at 67.7 decibels. This is a little louder than our normal conversation. With the different push button on this sewing machine, it will make your sewing process very simple and convenient. If you set the integrated speed control at a speed you want, it will continue to sew at that same speed. Even if you press on hard on the pedal of the sewing machine, it will continue to sew at that set speed.

7. SINGER 7469Q Confidence Quilter Computerized Electronic Portable Sewing Machine.

The SINGER 7469Q Confidence Quilter is a portable, and a Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine. And it is fully loaded with advanced features for your fashion sewing and quilting process. It has a programmable up and down needle feature, as a quilter, you can use this to piece patchworks together. And you can make the needle stop at where you want it to be, be it in the down or up position during quilting. This beautiful sewing machine is designed having twin need which have electronic twin needle control. With this, you can automatically change your needle to twin needle sewing. This is done by simply pressing the electrical twin needle control button. The tension system of this sewing machine is automatic. So, be sure of awesome stitches on any kind of fabric you are working on.

This sewing machine is designed for all level, be it a professional or a beginner level. And you can make you of this sewing machine to teach anyone interested in sewing. It is a great teaching sewing machine and it is very easy to use. If you are someone who does not like noise, you will find this sewing machine helpful. While running this sewing machine, you can as well listen to radio without disturbance. It will be annoying if your sewing machine makes too much noise while sewing or quilting.

You can easily move this sewing machine around, because it is portable and light weight. And it can be kept easily in a place.


All the sewing machines mentioned above are the best Computerized sewing machines and are of great quality. With this sewing machine, you can perform all sorts of sewing and quilting processes, embroidery designs and so on. The stitches of these sewing machines are quite tight,  accurate and some are automatic. These are specially designed sewing machines that are fully loaded with awesome sewing equipment.

This review has helped you identify some of the best computerized sewing machine for you to pick from. With all these, you should now be able to buy a sewing machine that you want and will last long.

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