Best Affordable Sewing Machine

best affordable sewing machine

Sewing machines are machines you need to sew fabric and other materials together. They make use of thread to put them together. Now, you are in need of a sewing machine to sew your fabrics but have no idea on which to buy, as there are many options available or you are afraid of the cost of the machine since you want a better one. Don’t worry too much, there are sewing machine that match your taste, they are of affordable price and provides all the important features of a sewing machine. Below are few of the best Affordable sewing machine.

7 Best Affordable Sewing Machine Reviews

1. Brother XM2701 Lightweight Sewing Machine

This is a mechanical, Lightweight, portable and very affordable machine. It does not have built-in computer or settings that have been pre-programmed. It is quiet, yet a very powerful sewing machine at 800 stitches in a minute. The brother XM2701 is the very right option for the beginners, who are just learning to sew. Even if you are an advanced sewer, and you want a versatile machine loaded with features, then this brother sewing machine XM2701 is for you. This sewing machine is loaded with 27 unique built-in stitches, and with 63 stitch functions. 

Also, decorative stitches, quilting stitches, and blind hem. It is also loaded with an automatic one-step auto-size button holder, to give you virtually perfect buttonholes. Another interesting thing about this sewing machine are the six quick-change sewing feet, which includes, zipper, narrow hemmer, a buttonhole, zigzag, blind stitch and the button sewing foot. For easy usage of this sewing machine, it comes with an automatic built-in needle threading system, an automatic bobbin winding system, and a jam-resistant Quick-Set top drop-in bobbin. It has a brightly lit LED work area, so that you can perfectly see what you are working on when using the machine at night, or in a not well lighted room. 

The Brother Sewing Machine, XM2701, Lightweight sewing machine is an easy to use machine, it is versatile, value packed and a wonderful sewing machine for all sort of everyday sewing works. All the stitches of this sewing machine are placed clearly on the front. And there is a dial with which u use to select the stitch, the stitch width, and stitch length.

2. Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Electric Sewing Machine

This is another brother sewing machine perfect for beginner and learner sewers. Its set-up is made easy and its usability will let the beginners get to work quickly and with ease. The Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW sewing machine is popular and a widely used sewing machine. It is an awesome computerized sewing machine. It is loaded with sufficient features, abilities and capabilities to perform tedious, and even intermediate level sewing works. 

These professional features in the brother project runway CS5055PRW electrical sewing machine will help bring out the outstanding stylist in you. These includes, the 50 Built-in stitches, 5 one-step button system give you perfect button holes, advanced needle threading system, and 7 Included accessory feet. On the computerized stitch selection  LCD display screen, you get to choose from the many the heirloom stitches and quilting stitches to beautify your fabrics.

Using this sewing machine, you will have no problem sewing tweeds, denim and other thick fabrics. This is because of the superb feed system in this machine. And there is advancement in the needle threading system. This makes threading easy, and with a bright LED light at the work area. You can see clearly what you are working on, and the stitches.

Interesting thing about this machine is built-in stretch stitches which enables you to sew fleece, elastics, and other materials that are flexible. And it is Lightweight, as you can move it anywhere you need it to be with ease. It has an handle which is plastic, it enables efficient mobility.

3. Brother Quilting Machine, HC1850

If you are looking for a versatile, Computerized quilting and sewing machine, Brother HC1850 is the right choice. This budget friendly super machine is made up of many functions and features you want as a customer, and if you have passion for sewing. You will not let go of this machine because of the superb sewing equipment with which you can take care of different sewing works.

This is a reliable sewing machine and it is feature packed with decorative stitches and basic monogramming. It is loaded with 130 stitches and sewing fonts, awesome decorative stitches, 8 auto-sized one step button system for better button holes, and a range of stitches for quilting and heirloom sewing. There are also 55 alpha-numeric sewing stitches mainly for basic monogramming, adjustable sewing speeds,  a detachable foot controller,  an exceptional feed system, a push-button stitch selector,   8 presser feet, and a built-in stitch reference flip-chart, with all these you can sew on almost any kind of fabric.

This machine has a spring action quilting foot, a detachable wide table, and it can do free-motion quilting. The HC1850 is a lightweight machine, and it is portable for taking to class if you are still learning to sew. The LED light of the machine can be put on when the machine starts, and on the LCD screen you pick a stitch you want. The automatic Threading needle will allow you to thread needle without injury on your finger.

4. Brother Quilting Machine, XR9550PRW

This is a perfectly constructed sewing machine which gives you as a user the comfort you need to take care of your fabrics. It has a control which is computerized, this will help you to sew your fabrics with better accuracy. And as user, you will find it so easy to make quality and outstanding fabrics. This is as a result of the long straight stitch of the machine.

This brother XR9550PRW is the right option if you are a beginner or just learning to sew, with important things like the width and length adjustment controls, the large stitch options, and the lime green motif. With these features, this machine is comfortable to use, it is affordable and it provide you with quality work. This sewing machine will also give you a decorative stitches to help you make beautiful and special designs. It provides you with heirloom.

The XR9550PRW can be addressed as the easiest experimental machine, you can use it for making small home embroidery projects or important works. And it can be used for all stages of sewing and as a beginner, this machine will bring out the creative talent in you. You can easily work with the walking foot of this great sewing machine. The walking foot let you to control the sewing. It help keep the fabric at the middle of the presser foot at upper level of the machine and the lower level of the machine. This sewing machine is designed with 110 built-in features which are very unique. From making a garment to quilting, this machine is ideal.

5. SINGER Tradition 2277 Sewing Machine

If you want a sewing machine which is strong, versatile and affordable, the singer Tradition 2277 sewing machine is the right choice. It is a low budget machine and it is perfect for beginners. It is a sewing machine that is full-sized and wide, giving you enough space to work. It is very simple but contains all the key features of a sewing machine and it will be easier to use by beginners. This sewing machine is very easy to set up. It is without doubt the best sewing machine to repair your garment without wasting of time and effort.  

To enhance the awesome performance of this machine, the singer tradition 2277 is loaded with great utilities. You can easily choose from its 23 built-in stitches, these stitches consist of seven stretch stitches, nine decorative stitches, six essential stitches, and one buttonhole. And with adjustable length, you can change the stitches as you want, as well you can adjust the width of the stitches.

The automatic needle threader in this machine will help you thread your machine easily and this will help save your time. This sewing machine is very strong and you can sew heavy and thicker materials on it. This is due to the metal frame, it is a heavy duty metal, strong and can withstand pressure, and it can be used for a long period of time. It has a one-step button system which is automatic and help you make button holes with ease and more accurate.

6. SINGER Tradition 2277 Sewing Machine

This is a mechanical brother sewing machine. It has no settings which are pre-programmed, and it is not computerized. All its stitches are placed on its front, and there is a dial with which you change the stitches width and length. The 27 built in stitches includes decorative and quilting stitches,  blind hem, and it has a one-step button system which is automatic and help you make perfect button holes. You can use free motion quilting on this sewing machine because it has a drop feed, but you have to buy the free motion quilting foot separately.

The Brother XM2701 is loaded with enough features such as the jam resistant drop in bobbin system to give you enough convenience but it is still affordable. Another interesting thing is the needle threader which is automatic which help to put the thread automatically through the needle. There is also a thread cutter, LED light, that help you see through the stitches clearly, and a free arm for sewing sleeves, these are also in built in the sewing machine and make this machine value packed.

If you are already a professional sewer, this sewing machine is also useful. As it is light weight and portable, you can make it a travel machine or a machine for simple sewing. If you a learner, this sewing machine comes with a DVD to give instructions on the machine, and everything you need to know about sewing.

The Brother XM2701 is built with great feature that will make stitching very much easy, and you can perform good amount of projects with them.

7. Janome Mystical Mint Basic, Easy-to-Use

This sewing machine is considered the choice for both the professional sewers and beginners. This easy to use compact sewing machine can be used to take on any kind of sewing works. They can do crafting of paper, simple sewing works and more. It is light weight and portable. It can be used at home or taken to class if you are still learning to sew. This Janome Mystical mint is a complete basic, and a compact sewing machine. It is user friendly.

The Janome Mystical compact sewing machine consists of ten stitch options and the needle position can be at center or left. You can easily adjust its tension using the tension control dial and its feed dog system made of four-point feed. There is built-in tray which is part of the accessories that comes with this awesome sewing machine, in this you can keep your needles, thread and other kits of the sewing machine. This sewing machine is simple and easy to use, in fact a kid can make use of this machine, it of different colors which you can choose from. Its needle threader is automatic and you don’t have to fear finger injury with this machine as there is a tiger guard, that is why it is perfect even for kids. Its presser foot lift is extra high.

Buyer's Guide

Weight of the machine

You may go for a heavy sewing machine if you want an industrial one, and you don’t need to move your machine around. But if you have to store the machine in a closet and to bring it out when needed, you should look for a machine that is light weight and it is easy to lift.

Size of the machine

Also, note that the machine should be convenient foe use in term of its size.  If the machine is very big, it will become heavy, and it will be difficult to move it from a place to another. Also, if the sewing machine is bi, it will need a big space to place it, so you will need a large place of work. So, before you buy the sewing machine take note of the size of your working area.

Needle Position

The needle position allow you to move the stitching line and the needle sideways, that is left to right and the position you want your needle to be when you stop sewing,  up or down. If the needle is down, it will be much easier to lift the pressure foot and you can easily make a corner turn without you making a jump stitch.

Presser Feet

If you can be able to adjust the presser foot it will be of much help as it will help to adjust and regulate the machine to hold the fabric. This does not allow your knits to stretch or your fine fabric to pucker. If you want to get a sewing machine, make sure you know the amount of presser foot the come with it. You can do a zigzag and a straight stitch on a multi purpose presser feet.


Now, you have decided to get a sewing machine, first, you need to find one that is budget friendly and will still give its best features. Go for a sewing machine which you can afford with ease. There are many big sewing machine available at affordable price but might not give you all the things you want in a sewing Machine. But there are portable ones that are cheap and are loaded with awesome features. So you have to think twice before buying the machine.

Purpose of the sewing machine

When buying a sewing machine, make sure you put into consideration, the type of the sewing machine. Pick a sewing machine that has the features you want. If you want to go into heavy duty sewing, go for machines that are strong and sturdy. But if you want the sewing machine for light works at home or as a substitute at your place of work, a lightweight and portable one is the right choice to go for.


Check the strength and the versatility of the sewing machine you want to buy before buying it. It is really advisable to go for a more durable and versatile sewing machine. Especially, if it is to be used at home or you have to carry them about. A kid might carry it, and since he or she does not know how to care and might fall. So, make sure  the machine durable, and you can easily get its spare parts.

Instructions manual

Make sure that the sewing machine has an instruction manual before you buy it. Ensure that the manual is complete, intact and it is well written and as well it is well explained. This is because a good manual will help you understand the machine very well and there will be convenience in using it as you can refer to it when it gets complicated.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I find a sewing machine which is not costly but has a full sewing utilities?

Yes, there are a lot of them.

How can I know the best sewing machine for a beginner?

The sewing machine for a beginner or a leaner should come with all the fundamental properties of a sewing machine. And it must be easy to operate and control for them to be able to sew on their own. The Brother XR9500PRW Project Runway is one of them.

What type of sewing machine can I buy?

This depends on the type of work you intend to use the machine for. For instance, if you are doing heavy fabrics, you look for a sewing machine that can stand and perform the job very well.

why is my sewing machine jumping stitches?

Jumping stitches is caused most times as a result of a bent needle or short needle. So, most time if you change the needle, it might solve the problem. But if after you have changed the needle and it still jump stitches, it might be the deep root problem, so you allow a technician to help you with it.

How can I lift the Presser foot up and down?

You can do this by raising or lowering the pressure feet lifter.

What makes the upper thread to break?

There are many circumstances for this. It the tension at the upper thread is high,  the thread will break. Also, if the needle is not properly and correctly inserted, it will break.

The bobbin thread keeps breaking, why?

The bobbin thread will keep breaking if it is not evenly wound. Also, the bobbin thread will break if the bobbin case is not correctly threaded, or the tension of the thread is too high.

Why does the needles breaks?

If you make you of incorrect size of the needle, it will break, or you suddenly pull on the fabric while sewing.

What causes thread jam on the shuttle?

This happen if the lower thread and the upper thread are both not drawn to the back under the presser foot of the machine. And as a result of the thread winding, the bunches on the shuttle, the thread winds and the needle do not move.  

Why does the thread bunch up on the fabric?

This may be due to the bobbin thread does not aligned very well in the bobbin tension, it can also be due to incorrect tension in the thread.

Why does the stitch form loops at the middle of the fabric?

If the bobbin is not properly wounded, the stitch will form loop. Another thing is if the stitch tension is not okay, or the sewing machine is not properly threaded.


Sewing machines are the major and important equipment of a professional sewer. If you get the right tool for it, sewing is very interesting and fascinating, even it is a lifelong activity, and a profitable skill as well, because it can earn you income if you do business with it.

You will need a sewing machine to sew fabrics, either your own dress or commercial purpose. So, whatever you might need the machine for, this review has pinned out some best sewing machine which are cheap. They will perform to your satisfaction as they are equipped with impressive features.

Regardless of whether you expect to sew your own dress, sheets or kids’ garments, these sewing machines will complete the work without burning up all available resources. The chose machines might be modest however didn’t settle on quality.

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